Did you know that there are many risks involved in not declaring a medical condition when booking travel insurance? This blog post will explore why you must declare your medical conditions when you book your travel insurance.

The Importance of Declaring Medical Conditions

It is vital that you declare existing medical conditions, as typical travel insurance policies do not cover certain conditions. When you do not declare certain conditions, you are at risk of nullifying the claims which are relevant to your condition.

When you declare your medical conditions, you can make sure you book the travel insurance that will cover your existing conditions. It is one thing to have a medical emergency when you are meant to be enjoying yourself, but it is another not to have the insurance to cover your expenses for medical care.

You need to make sure you have the right insurance policy that will cover you if you experience an injury or illness while travelling. Ensure you are covered, even when you are on holiday.

What You Need to Declare

The list of medical conditions you need to declare is long; however, some conditions include heart-related conditions, allergies, gallstones, hernias, diabetic conditions, asthma and neurological conditions, to name a few. You will also need to declare any treatments you are undergoing and conditions related to cancer.

When Do You Declare Your Medical Conditions?

You need to declare your medical conditions before you buy your policy. When you declare your medical conditions, we can tailor your policy to cover your needs. When you work with a Bruford and Vallance Insurance team member, we can advise the best policy based on your specific medical requirements.

We can also provide you with details of a Medical Cover Firm Directory, which lists firms that can provide or arrange travel insurance policies that will cover serious medical conditions.


Our team of experts at Bruford and Vallance Insurance are obliged to inform you of how you can improve your access to travel insurance covering more serious medical conditions. We are happy to advise you and suggest the travel insurance that fits your needs and requirements. You can contact a member of the Bruford and Vallance Insurance team, and we will happily assist you with your travel insurance.