Your home should be your safe haven, a place where you feel at ease. Over the years we have worked with many clients, some of which have suggested the tips we have written below. If you are insuring with us, feel free to utilise these tips when securing your home.

Think like a thief

You know your home better than anybody else, which is why you should ask yourself how you would break into your own home. We know it’s a strange point to start out on, but think about it, what is an easy point of access? When you figure this out, consider improving the physical security at that point of access.

Don’t be alarmed

Every home needs a smoke alarm, but it can be extremely frustrating when the batteries run out, especially if you have high ceilings! What many people don’t know is that you can hard-wire your smoke alarm and connect it to a mains powered transformer (with professional help). Now you will not have to change a battery again and since all the smoke alarms will be connected to one another, you will be alerted regardless of where the fire is.

If you do not have your alarms hard-wired in, always make sure you check them, especially if you have stayed away from your home for a while. You will know if a battery is low as the alarm will beep every so often until the power is completely depleted.

Filming for the future

After the event of a fire or theft, you might find it hard to recall certain items or know what is missing. We, therefore, suggest that you take time to film around your home every so often, this way you have a visual record of what is in your home. Maybe save this on the cloud, Google Drive or even email it to yourself, so you always have a copy even if your main recording gets damaged.

It pays to be precise

The serious floods of summer 2007 showed – among many other things – that many of Britain’s households do not have enough insurance cover to protect themselves from all that bad luck and ill weather can throw at them. And research, from the Association of British Insurers (ABI) shows that one in five households could be underinsured because they did not know how much their home contents were worth.

Every few years you should go from room to room, check every secret space and behind every door and add up the full replacement cost, at current prices, of every item you have. Then compare the total with your insurance policy sum insured and adjust it as required. Automatic index linking should take care of any annual increases but also remember to increase your cover when you buy additional items.

We should all feel safe in our own home, so we hope one or more of these tips will help you accomplish that.

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