Over the years clients have made suggestions to us which we feel would be useful to everybody. Even if you don’t insure with us, consider the following:

  • You know your home better than anybody. If you were going to break in, say for instance, if you had lost your keys, how would you do it? If it’s relatively easy then an opportunist thief could use the same method. Consider improving the physical security at that point of access.
  • Smoke alarms are essential but can be annoying when the batteries run down which always seems to be at 3am. For a few pounds they can be ‘hard-wired’ and connected via a mains powered transformer. This offers two distinct advantages in that you’ll never have to change another battery and that if one alarm is triggered it will set off all the other alarms giving you the maximum possible time to act no matter how distant the fire.
  • If your system is not hard-wired check all smoke alarms individually after a stay away from the house. If a battery runs low the alarm will beep once a minute, but only until all the power has gone. Then it will remain silent and inactive. If you don’t check them you won’t know if this has happened.
  • If you do suffer a fire or theft it can be very frustrating trying to work out what items are missing. To give you added peace of mind invest in a spare tape for a video recorder and spend a few minutes going around your home (including the attic and inside cupboards) and outbuildings and record on video all the items you have. The tape should then be kept away from your home and updated every few years. In the event of a fire or burglary you will then be able to comprehensively list all the items that are missing or damaged.
  • A 1998 Home Owner’s survey revealed that 68% of home owners had under-insured the value of their contents, some by as much as 50%. The implications of this in the event of a large loss are obvious. Every few years go from room to room (including cupboards and wardrobes) and add up the full replacement cost, at current prices, of every item you have. Then compare the total with your insurance policy sum insured and adjust it as required. Automatic index linking should take care of any annual increases but also remember to increase your cover when you buy additional contents.
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