Planning a wedding is sometimes one of the most expensive investments you will make. From the venue to the flowers, there is a lot to plan and a lot of money to be invested, which is why it is vital you have protection in place to ensure that your money is covered.

Wedding insurance offers some level of support, protection and comfort. This blog post will answer some common questions about wedding insurance, including what it is, when you need it and how it works. We will also discuss what our wedding and special events insurance cover to decide if it is right for you and your special day.

What Is Wedding Insurance?

Wedding insurance can protect you in the event that something goes wrong, before or on your wedding day. Depending on the policy, wedding insurance will cover damage to wedding attire, problems with the venue or supplier, or cancellation due to illness, bereavement or accident.

Do You Need Wedding Insurance?

If you are hosting a small wedding and reception, with a good relationship with the venue or suppliers about what will happen in the event of issues, you might not require wedding insurance. However, smaller weddings tend to have a lower financial investment, which is why you should weigh the pros and cons of getting wedding insurance for your specific event.

How Does Wedding Insurance Work?

Wedding insurance is similar to any other form of insurance. You pay in one instalment, typically, and the policy activates once the cover is taken out. The policy ends when your wedding is over, but this will be in the policy.

You can discuss with the insurance provider when you can take out a policy, as many allow you to take it out two years prior to the wedding.

What Does Wedding Insurance Cover?

Every policy is different, which is why it is important to shop around and see what different insurance providers offer. Our policies, for example, cover everything from an unreliable supplier, cancelled events or broken merchandise.

How Bruford and Vallance Insurance Can Help

Here at Bruford and Vallance, we provide wedding insurance that covers a wide scope of potential events. Wedding insurance will provide you with peace of mind, as you will know that if anything does go wrong, you are covered. We are happy to discuss your requirements, simply contact a member of our experienced team today, and we can get started.