The efficiency of your commercial vehicle is essential, as overlooked issues can cause your business to grind to a halt. If you want to make sure your commercial vehicle is running effectively and efficiently, this is a must-read blog.

This blog post will discuss how you can improve the current efficiency and security of your commercial vehicle. These 4 tips are practical and should be done to make sure you are saving time, money and frustration later on.


Without regular maintenance, your commercial vehicle will not run efficiently or effectively. In between MOT’S and services, make sure you are completing a vehicle health checklist. Your checklist should include checking your tyres, clearing the air filters, and overall vehicle maintenance, such as any visible damages.


To ensure or improve the efficiency of your commercial vehicle, it isn’t just about the vehicle itself, you need to also make sure that drivers are given appropriate training. Conduct driver training, obtain driving behaviour to improve efficiency and identify any habits that might pose an issue in the future. Training should always be provided and offered, no matter how long someone has been a driver for.


Not only does commercial vehicle insurance improve security, but it can also help with efficiency. For example, at Bruford and Vallance, we offer a replacement van if yours is out of action, which means you do not have to cancel any orders. If you have access to a replacement van, it means you will not lose money on potential or existing orders.

The right insurance we also offer breakdown assistance, trailer cover, up to 63% off NCD and a mileage discount. Bruford and Vallance offer all these discounts, plus more.


Save time, money and annoyance by incorporating a fuel management plan. When storing fuel for your commercial vehicles, there are a lot of hazardous factors involved. You have to consider tank rust, microbial growth and more, as infected fuel can lead to negative repercussions, which can mean engine failure.

Contact your local supply, and enquire how they can help and make sure you are continually assessing your fuel management plan.


We have offered some of the most specific insurance policies for our clients, so we could help you as well. Our commercial vehicle insurance policies provide several benefits and discounts that will improve the security and efficiency of your vehicle. Contact us today for a quote.