Insurance for Old, Historic & Listed Buildings is a specialist area which requires a high level of knowledge from your broker in order to help you understand the complexities of adequately insuring your property.

Our specialist policies, underwritten by leading UK based Insurance Companies, offer many benefits and great value, plus our experience helps you to rest assured in the knowledge that your property is adequately insured.

If you wish us to provide a no obligation quotation for your property, please contact us via telephone on 01823 277188, email or by using the Request a Quote form for information on how to find the right policy for you.

Some of the special benefits available from our policies are as follows:

  • Standard acceptance of non-standard construction buildings
  • Free 24hr helpline and Home Emergency Section
  • Premium discounts
  • Additional optional cover
  • Unique policy features for Old, Historic and Listed Properties
  • Automatic indexation of sums insured – Free throughout the year
  • Unlimited Buildings and Contents cover (subject to certain underwriting criteria)


Standard acceptance of non standard construction buildings

Most insurers class anything other than brick or block, slate or tile, as non-standard construction, and either surcharge or decline cover. Our specialist policy will quote for any sound, well-maintained property except thatch, including timber framed, cob, lathe and plaster and Wattle & Daub. Cover would also be subject to the normal underwriting criteria regarding fire brigade access, adequate water supplies, claims, and subsidence history.

For qualifying properties, a free survey with qualified advice on rebuilding costs may be provided.

Unique policy features for listed properties available on some policies

Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990
Additional cover for the cost of meeting local authority conditions made under the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990 and amending legislation following damage, by any insured event under the buildings section, should these costs exceed the buildings sum insured.

Archaeological costs
The on-site costs of archaeological rescue work (including the recording of standing and collapsed fabric and damaged floor surfaces but not the excavation of below ground deposits) necessarily and reasonably incurred with the companies consent as a result of damage to your buildings.

Free survey*, qualified advice on rebuilding costs and no average clause (subject to sums insured)

*Policyholders may qualify for a free survey by qualified surveyors (subject to sums insured). Risk improvement recommendations will be discussed with the property owner at the time of the survey. In addition a written report will be sent to the property owner. Policies are normally written without an ‘average’ (under-insurance) clause.  All surveys requested by Insurers are at the expense of the insurer.

Automatic Indexation, Free throughout the year

The sums insured throughout the policy term will increase in line with the Retail Price Index for the contents and buildings by the House Rebuilding Cost Index produced by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, but no additional charge will be made for this.

Free 24 hour helpline and Home Emergency Section (selected Insurers) 24 hours, 365 days a year, access to a help desk able to advise on any personal legal matter. Also a Home Emergency Section to provide assistance service in connection with domestic emergencies. In addition, help with other problems that cause inconvenience by finding a local contractor to carry out any necessary repairs together with an emergency service for broken windows.


Premium Discounts

  • A range of premium discounts for policyholders are available including:
  • Age of policyholder discount
  • Voluntary Excess (the amount that you agree to pay towards any claim, on top of any compulsory policy excess) discounts ranging from 5% to 20%
  • Sum insured size discounts up to 30%
  • Combined buildings and contents discounts when insured under one policy
  • Claim free discount

Additional Optional Cover

A choice of standard or accidental damage covers. Contents and personal possessions cover. Legal expenses.

Some Useful Documents and Information Leaflets