When it comes to your possessions, you want to make sure the expensive and sentimental items are covered against theft, fire and other risks. You shouldn’t have to suffer in the event of your items being damaged or destroyed, especially when it wasn’t your fault.

Replacing your household contents can be costly, especially when you do not have insurance, so contents insurance is crucial. This blog post is your quick guide to everything you need to know about contents insurance and how Bruford and Vallance Insurance can help.


Content insurance is a policy that covers you against theft, loss or damage to your household possessions. Depending on the policy, contents insurance may cover you if you take the items out of your home.

Content insurance covers the contents of people living with you but does not cover any visitors you might have. Not everyone takes out content insurance, but you never know when you might need it, as accidents can happen, which can be expensive.


As your professional advisors will explain, each insurance policy may differ, as they need to meet your specific requirements; however, there are some similarities between each insurance policy. For example, your contents insurance policy should cover damage caused by storms, flooding, fire and theft.

Always check what is included in your policy, as certain damages might not be covered.


The main benefit of contents insurance is that it is optional. You can choose if you want content insurance or not. Many people choose to have this insurance policy as they have expensive items or sentimental possessions they wish to protect, which would be hard to replace.

Another benefit of contents insurance is that you are covered and that your possessions can be replaced if the worst does happen. You don’t want to be left without essential kitchenware, for example, if they are damaged or stolen. Contents insurance allows you to continue living your life without the disruption of having to replace your contents out of pocket.


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