As a family-owned business with a small team of highly experienced insurance experts, here at Bruford & Vallance we really value the personal touch. Each of our clients has a single point of contact, with a secondary person also on hand – this means that all of our clients, whether taking out any policy with us including an old, historic or listed buildings insurance policy, private car policy, commercial vehicle insurance or tradesmen liability insurance- have someone at hand who knows them and their policy. Having this personal relationship with our clients is central to our service offering. Read on to find out why we value this personal relationship so much, and why you should too.


Let’s face it, insurance can be confusing. As a consumer, it’s not always easy to know which policy suits your needs or understand all of the jargon. No matter what type of insurance policy you’re looking for, you’ll usually have at least a few options to consider (a number of which may seem very similar on the surface) and differing policy details, costs and excesses to consider.
For the non-insurance professional, sifting through all of these considerations can feel like a minefield and leave you tearing your hair out. Having an insurance consultant you know and trust, who knows your circumstances and can set time aside to go through the options with you, can take away much of the confusion. Simply speaking to a human being at the end of the phone rather than having to page through mountains of information online, can quickly and easily clear the fog and help you make the right decision.


No one likes to feel like they’re simply a number to the businesses they do business with – and if you’re left to your own devices or can only ever deal with a website or email, it can quickly get frustrating. Rather than fighting an uphill battle, a personal contact can streamline the service experience. It’s quicker and easier to speak to someone than have to work through a confusing form independently or worse, have to reply on a chatbot to get clarity.


If the worst does happen and you are involved in a vehicle accident or your car or home is broken into, having to get an insurance claim processed can be the very last thing you want to do. In upsetting circumstances such as in the case of an accident, a flood or a fire, it can be hard to put your hands on the details you need and have to recount the whole thing to a stranger. Having an insurance broker with a personal touch makes what is often a fraught experience that much easier – with a friendly, familiar voice and face to turn to, you’re able to focus on the things that matter, confident that your claim is being handled in a professional manner.