Are you a property owner? Do you have a property that is currently unoccupied? You need to take a read of this blog post, as it contains a list of steps that you should go through to reduce the risks involved when your property is unoccupied.

From specialist insurance to deterring burglars, this blog post will share our insight.


When your property is left unoccupied make sure you are locking all windows and doors and checking the general security of the property. You can go as far as installing additional security measures, such as cameras and alarms if you suspect a high level of thieves operating in the area.


If you are lucky enough to trust and know the neighbours of your property, you can politely request that they keep a close eye on the property for you and provide contact details if they see anything suspicious.


You can make regular visits to the property to make sure the property is not being damaged by unforeseen causes, such as pests or water damage. Regular checks allow you to deal with problems immediately, as opposed to the small issue becoming a costly problem after months of unsupervised ownership.


You can disguise the fact that the property is unoccupied by keeping curtains up in the window and even by putting the lights on a timer. You can also conceal the fact that the property is empty by maintaining the external elements of the property, such as keeping the garden tidy, cleaning the windows and taking out the bins.


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