Lounging back on the beach chair, cocktail in hand and water lapping at your feet or maybe you’d prefer a hiking holiday, with new sights to see every day, with relaxation on your mind. However you describe your perfect holiday, one thing is for sure, you do not want to be anxious about your insurance during the holiday.

Give yourself peace of mind during your next trip by asking the right questions before picking your travel insurance policy. This blog post will share some questions you can ask, either to your consultant or yourself, so that you get the right travel insurance policy for your trip.

What Does the Policy Cover?

Fully comprehensive travel insurance provides you with peace of mind during your trip, but you need to make sure it covers your requirements. Your policy can cover such things as emergency medical procedures, trip cancellation, and luggage protection in the event of lost, stolen or damaged items.

Work out the cost of your trip and what you want to take before picking your policy, as this will help you know what needs to be covered.

How Many Travellers Are There?

Make sure you know who is travelling with you, so you know who needs to be covered. You may find that some insurance policies do a discount for package deals, such as couples or kids. Whether you are travelling with your partner, family or friends, write down exactly who is going, along with ages.

How Long Is the Trip?

Depending on how long and how often you travel, you need to make sure your travel insurance policy covers the duration of your stay.

For example, The Travel Insurance policies we offer are available for single trips, annual multi-trips or a long stay holiday up to 18 months long. Make sure you are choosing the policy that covers the duration of your trip.

Declaring Medical Conditions

Pre-existing medical conditions need not prevent you from taking a holiday, but it is important to declare any medical conditions so that you find a policy that can cover you. There are over 250 medical conditions we can cover without the need for medical screening.

You want to feel safe while on holiday, without worrying about hospital bills.

Plan Your Trip Today

When you have established your trip details, you can contact a Bruford and Vallance team member, and we will help find the right policy for your needs.